Dear Identity family,

Even though we had much resistance, having had our permit denied and pulled. Police blocking us from preaching from the stage, we had a powerful crusade with many salvations and healings. An estimated 18450 people heard the Gospel personally. Eighteen schools with many Muslim attending were also reached with the Gospel. We saw about 5727 documented decisions for Christ during this Love Fest initiative. To God, be all the glory and honor!

HEIDEVELD Gospel Crusade, South Africa, DAY 1: We are off to a soul-saving, demon-bashing, sickness-annihilating start here in Heideveld, such being a beloved Cape Town community plagued with gang violence and drug abuse. The people of Heideveld and its surrounding areas are hungry for God and wonderfully open to the Holy Spirit. They soaked Him up with eager expectation! Ev. Tamryn Klintworth preached the Gospel message—teaching from Luke 15 and the stories of the lost sheep, coin, and son—and I taught on healing, emphasizing how the Lord can heal us and also willing to heal us before praying for the sick. What an avalanche of salvation! What a floodtide of miracles! We are rejoicing.

Below you can see some of the healing and miracles we recorded from the evening, and to Jesus be all the glory and honor.

Derek, a 55-year-old believer, has battled severe arthritis in his fingers and shoulders for the past three years. He wept on stage, overcome with emotion as he opened and closed his hands, explaining how the debilitating pains were no more.

Soraya, an elegant, middle-aged lady, came with a hole in her one eardrum the size of a ten-cent coin. The Lord healed that eardrum completely, performing a creative miracle. “I am so happy! Jesus has healed me!” Soraya exclaimed, rejoicing in her newfound hearing.

Peter is 69 years old, and he received Jesus as Saviour tonight. Our Lord did not stop there, transforming his body after winning his heart. “For the past five years, I have experienced constant ringing in my ears. It was frustrating. Now, the ringing is no more. I am so excited!”

Jacqueline, a 45-year-old evangelist, has struggled with fibromyalgia and IBS for the past ten years. The severe pain restricted her activities. Tonight, her feet—constantly burning—were liberated from all agony, and she felt the power of God moving within her stomach, setting her free. Praise the Lord!

Linda is 59 years old. In 2021, she underwent an operation. Six months later, a terrible pain spread throughout her legs, and her fingers became utterly numb. The doctors were unable to explain her condition. During prayer, the pain vanished from her legs, and full sensation returned to both hands. Hallelujah!

HEIDEVELD Gospel Crusade, South Africa, DAY 2: The Lord is hard at work here in Heideveld—and we are working hard to keep up! It began storming and rained relentlessly throughout the morning and into the afternoon. However, the skies had cleared beautifully by the time our service began. Precious attendees huddled under blankets, bedecked with beanies and jackets, braving the cold to hear the Gospel and receive from Jesus. They were not disappointed!

I kicked off the evening with a red-hot message on the blood of Jesus. The Gospel going forth produced tremendous fruit, many pouring forward to receive the Lord as Saviour. Ev. Tamryn Klintworth followed with a message on the Holy Spirit, laying the first tier of teaching, culminating in prayer for the Holy Spirit baptism on Wednesday night. This message was likewise wonderfully received; the eagerness of the crowd to be used by God is plainly evident. We then prayed for the sick, laying hands on those who needed a miracle from Jesus.

Tony is a 62-year-old pensioner. He was in an accident in December last year, which resulted in him hurting his back. This injury caused terrible numbness in his feet and toes. During prayer, he felt warmth through his body, and then, the feeling started returning to his feet! “If I take my shoes off right now,” he said, “I know I can wriggle my toes. I can feel them again!” Elated, Tony bounced up and down on stage, praising the Lord.

Laticia is an elderly housewife who received Jesus as her Saviour as a young girl. She is now 66 years old. Her back had pained her terribly for several years, making housework increasingly difficult. Having trusted the Lord for decades, Laticia fixed her eyes on Jesus for her liberation, and He did not put her to shame. “I felt a burst of power in my back,” she explained. “It felt like something popped. Now, I can bend and stretch easily!” This precious woman showed off her flexibility on stage, touching her toes and stretching to the sky. What a mighty God we serve!

Little 9-year-old Hannah, a local school student, also encountered God’s healing power. She had burned her hand badly, resulting in severe pain and her skin being damaged. Jesus touched that hand this evening, the pain disappearing and her skin being divinely restored. Hallelujah and amen, what a splendid miracle! Testimony followed testimony, the crowd celebrating with those who testified of the goodness of our God.

HEIDEVELD Gospel Crusade, South Africa, DAY 3: What a night! The weather remains chilly but—we thank the Lord—perfectly dry. Thousands flooded our field this evening, eager to receive from the outstretched hands of the Almighty. He was giving out gifts tonight: Gifts of salvation, healing, and deliverance!

I preached a crystal-clear Gospel message, expanding on the fundamental truth that salvation should be seized immediately, as tomorrow is not promised to anyone. The crowd sensed the urgency, responding to the altar call with great enthusiasm and calling upon the name of the Lord. Ev. Tamryn Klintworth followed with another teaching on the Holy Spirit, explaining how to partner with Him after being filled by Him. Tomorrow, we will pray for that glorious infilling, and an army of soul-winners will be born here in Heideveld. How exciting!
We laid hands on the sick, praying for them in the matchless name of Jesus. What stunning testimonies were heard. Be blessed by these few.

A 12-year-old boy name Caleb has struggled with asthma for as long as he can remember. “I could not participate in any physical activity,” he explained. “I lost my breath very quickly.” Tonight, the Lord touched His chest in a powerful way. Caleb can now breathe deeply and easily. How wonderful! He also accepted Jesus as his Saviour at this crusade. May he become a mighty man of God in his generation!

Dorothy is 53 years old and has been plagued by relentless body pains—mostly in her legs—for the past three years. “I could not walk properly,” she voiced. “If I had to walk long distances, I had to sit down often.” During prayer, Dorothy felt a warmth moving through her body, and as it spread, all pain left her. Hallelujah!

At 38 years old, the body of Elvina was in a mess. She had an ulcer in her stomach and constant bladder infections, and her lungs and kidneys were in a bad state. She also battled to hear out of her left ear. This evening, the Lord completed her work from top to toe. “I felt warm and dizzy during prayer,” she expressed. Now, she can hear clearly from both ears, and all symptoms of her other ailments have vanished. Amen, and amen!

HEIDEVELD Gospel Crusade, South Africa, FINAL DAY: We have concluded a magnificent crusade. The wind picked up last night—an icy wind that blew with intent. Yet, nothing could cool the crowd’s hunger for the things of God!

Ev. Tamryn Klintworth preached the salvation message, focusing on Isaiah 61 and all the precious promises that are made to those who call on the great name of Jesus. This Good News proclamation resulted in a spectacular surge of men and women streaming forward to surrender all to Him. How glorious! I laid down the final tier in our Holy Spirit baptism teaching series, touching on key points essential to understanding the infilling. After that, we prayed for the fire to fall, and it did! The crowd yielded to His touch and were saturated with His Spirit, deliverance, and healing following His goodness and glory. Thousands of believers were set ablaze to preach Jesus, with signs and wonders following. Hallelujah!

We also prayed for all the prayer requests submitted during the crusade period and its planning stages. We blessed the people and proclaimed the promises of God over their lives and the area. Heideveld and its surrounds belong to Jesus!

Thank you, our precious Identity partners, for your prayers and giving! Let us keep the new converts in our prayers as they begin their journey with Christ, and also, let us pray for wisdom and energy for the pastors who will be following them up. Let us keep those believers in our prayers filled with the Spirit. May they share Jesus with great boldness, and may He work mighty miracles through their hands. Amen, and amen!

Many blessings and appreciation in Christ

Kevin Kazemi
Lead Elder