DNA Groups

Discipleship / Prayer / Evangelism

Small groups are ideal for interactive discussion, prayer and discipleship. For that reason, our church encourages members to get involved in a DNA Group where they can study the Bible with other believers in the comfort of a home setting. The size of the group is typically six to eight people and groups meet on a variety of times and locations as  designated by the group hosts. For more info about how to get involved, please email us at: info@identitychurch.org

Please note that some of our DNA groups may currently be full.

 Alex & Lindsay Kazemi – Jackson Township

 Billy & Jill Druckenbrod – North Canton

Wes & Heather Morgan – Canton South

Ken & Mary Wallace – Canton NE 

Tim & Donna Krabill – Louisville

 Seth & Anna Berkshire – Marlboro

 Chris Adams  – Jackson Township