Special Guests: Larry & LaVerne Kreider

Larry Kreider serves as International Director of DOVE International, and LaVerne is a DOVE International Apostolic Council member. Larry and LaVerne have served in Christian ministry and leadership for nearly 50 years.

DOVE International, a worldwide family of churches and ministries, has successfully used the New Testament “house to house” strategy of building the church with small groups for over four decades. As founder of DOVE International, Larry served fifteen years as senior pastor of DOVE Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania, growing from a single small group of believers to over 2,300 in ten years. Today, DOVE believers meet in more than 1000 local churches and thousands of small groups in twenty-seven nations on five continents. Larry and LaVerne started ministry in 1971, helping to found a youth ministry called “Lost But Found” that targeted the unchurched youth in their community of northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

To learn more about the Kreider’s and their ministry, visit dcif.org.