Corporate Prayer & Fasting

Join the Identity elders in 11 days set apart to seek God in prayer and with fasting, March 28-  April 7, 2023. We know that it’s in times like these where God reveals His heart and changes ours.

Definition of Fasting

Fasting is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Though there are biblical accounts of people fasting from food AND water, we will consider abstaining from food only. People can fast together in a group or corporate fast or individually. People can fast at a set time each week or at special times as the Holy Spirit leads.

Should all Christians Fast?

The Bible regards fasting as a normal part of Christian living, and Church history indicates that the Church practiced regular fasting for several centuries after the Ascension.

How to Participate:

– Join us to fast one or multiple days between March 28 – April 7, 2023 and write to to indicate the day(s) you are participating.

– Join the eldership for two special Wednesdays of prayer and worship in the Identity Church sanctuary on March 29 and April 5 from 7-8 a.m., 1-2 p.m., and 7-8 p.m.

For helpful tips and resources on prayer and fasting, click HERE.


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